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Idaho Spaceward Bound



Teachers from Idaho, California, Massachusetts and Nevada, three Idaho university delegates and seven NASA Ames Research Center representatives set off in June each year to explore the geological wonders of southern Idaho.

The NASA Idaho Space Grant Consortium (ISGC)  teamed up with NASA Ames Research Center to bring a weeklong field study called Spaceward Bound to Idaho.  Spaceward Bound is a program that involves classroom teachers in authentic planetary fieldwork, side-by-side with NASA scientists.  Teachers bring the experiences they learn from the field back to their classrooms and assist in the development of curriculum related to human exploration of remote and extreme environments.  Some of the past field expeditions have included the Mojave Desert, Australia, Namibia, Pavilion Lake, Antarctica and North Dakota.

Chris McKay, a scientist at NASA Ames Research Center was among the group from NASA Ames.  “We could easily imagine a follow-up next year focused on Craters and the Hot Springs.  There is real science to be done at both sites and meaningful roles for the teachers and their students,” explains McKay.  The ISGC is working closely with McKay to discuss a follow-up Idaho Spaceward Bound for next summer to focus primarily on Craters of the Moon and Worswick Hot Springs.

Idaho Spaceward Bound sites included Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Shoshone Ice Caves, and Worswick Hot Springs.  


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